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Condos vs. Hotels

Why Vacation in Condos? Why Rent from Owners? In this article we compare a hotel room to an individual condo in Maui as well as contrast hotel condos and owner condos.

In terms of living space, hotel condos and owner condos are very similar, but there is a difference between how Condominium Hotels (aka Condo Hotel or Condotel) and Owner Condos are operated and maintained. Condotels are typically developed and operated as hotels, with condos instead of just hotel rooms. Those condos most often have standardized furnishings and amenities; booking procedures and payment policies are also standardized across the whole inventory of units. Owner Rental Condos can be managed by a professional rental company or by the owner. Even when the condo is managed professionally, an owner can sell some of the time in the condo directly to renters. Such condos are most often furnished and decorated according to owner’s taste. The owners can spend their vacations or a significant part of their retirement time in their condos, so the units can have many convenience items and personal touches that make the vacation more comfortable and memorable.

When choosing between a hotel and an individual condo, consider the following:

Amenities. If you enjoy more sophisticated resort amenities, like lavishly decorated lobbies, large interestingly shaped pools, kid’s clubs, on-site restaurants and souvenir stores, etc., you will want to stay in a hotel or hotel resort. Those amenities come with a big price increase though. You can expect to pay double price and even more for a hotel room, than you would pay for a condo that is larger, has a kitchen, and is located near the same white-sand beach, has pool access and is a short distance to dining and shopping.

Cost. Hotels rooms are more expensive even though they provide less living space. They will charge you more for their amenities, for their services, for the very fact that they have standardized procedures and systems that have to be developed and maintained. Condos cost less to rent, but most condos are located in so called condominium resorts, that have their landscaped grounds with amenities like pools, hot tubs, barbeques, tennis courts, etc. If you are on a budget, you can even share the condo with another couple. Additional savings come from having a kitchen and preparing your own food.

Living space. The units in Condotels are comparable to individually owned condos, but the hotel rooms offer much less space. While you’ll be spending much time outdoors, the quiet time is also necessary, especially after several hours of swimming and sunning. If it’s important to you to have a relaxing movie night on a sofa in front of a TV in your living room with some snacks and beer in the refrigerator, while your kids are sleeping in the bedroom — consider booking a condo. There are many 1- and 2-bedroom condos that have 2 full bathrooms — a very important feature for families, as you will be taking showers often.

Beaches. No matter where you stay, beautiful Maui beaches and warm tropical climate are free for all! If you like spending time on the beach, when choosing your accommodation, find out what beach is nearby. Here is a beach check list.

  • Is it good for swimming (sandy bottom)?
  • Good for snorkeling (some rocks)?
  • Good for boogie boarding (constant winds)?
  • Does it have fine sand (perfect for building from it)?
  • Does it have coarse sand (easier to clean off)?
  • Does it have trees that provide shade during the hottest hours?
  • Does it have a kids playground?
  • Does it have a lifeguard station?
  • Does it have a picnic area and BBQs?
  • Does it have restrooms and fresh water showers?

Think about what features are important for you and your family, and make your choice. 

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